Which one should I use?

Making sure you get the right thing for your plants: a primer!  

If you're growing plants for foliage (houseplants & leafy vegetables): use the Roots & Shoots & More blend. It's blended with nutrients that support vibrant leafy growth.

If you're growing plants for fruits and flowers (tomatoes, berries, roses, hemp): use the Flowers 'n' Fruits & More blend. This balanced mix supports plants doing all that hard work of making flowers and yummy fruit.

If you're re-using potting soil in a professional greenhouse: use the Soil Energizer blend. This is a microbial mix designed for commercial greenhouses that normally go through a lot of potting soil because they often throw it out to prevent disease buildup. Soil Energizer is enriched with Trichoderma and other beneficial soil microbes that keep disease organisms from getting the upper hand. This way greenhouses can sustainably re-use potting soil.

If you want to blend your own potting mix or use biochar to absorb odors: use Ecochar. This product is 100% plain biochar made from farm and food wastes.