What's in it? Soil Energizer

What's in Soil Energizer?

Soil Energizer is a general-purpose biological supplement for soil. It was designed with professional growers in mind, especially those who want to reuse their growing media instead of throwing it out and starting over with every crop cycle. (Home growers who find themselves using a lot of potting mix will like it too!)

Growing media can become home to diseases that love to feed on plants. That's why lots of nurseries and greenhouses find themselves throwing it out and starting over- but that's a lot of waste and a lot of expense.

Soil Energizer is packed with spores of disease-fighting fungi like Trichoderma harzianum; beneficial bacteria like Bacillus subtilis and Azosporillium amazonense; and mycorrhizal fungi like Glomus intraradices. Check the label for the full spread of beneficial organisms in Soil Energizer. 

Soil Energizer is also blended with organic nutrients to help get the new crop started. These include worm castings; kelp and soybean meal; meat, bone, and feather meals; bat guano; and humic acid. This blend helps with soil aeration and water-holding ability, provides slow-release nutrients, and makes soil an ideal home for microbes. 

The end result is healthy, vibrant, robust plants.

How do I use it?

Add Soil Energizer to transplants at 1 tablespoon per plant, mixed into the planting hole or top-dressed around each plant. You can also mix Soil Energizer into bulk grow media, at 1/2 cup per five gallons.