What's Ecochar?

Ecochar is a balanced blend of biochar and slow-release organic nutrients. It helps soils and potting mixes hang onto water and nutrients, so plants grow thick and lush even if you can't water, feed, and fuss over them every day.

Biochar is just charcoal made from food and farm waste, and it was pioneered by Indigenous people in the Amazon hundreds of years ago. It was a clean way to deal with waste in their hot, humid home, and it dramatically improved the soil. Today areas of the Amazon that were enriched with biochar are known as terra preta (dark earth), and are still more fertile than surrounding soils, centuries later.

Why mix biochar with other things?

Biochar alone can actually slow down plant growth. That's because it doesn't have a lot of nutrients on its own. It just makes otherwise challenging soils- sands, clays, and many potting soils- more "sticky" for nutrients. That way they stay in the soil, them rather than washing away from rain and watering.

But that "stickiness" means that if you only add biochar to a soil, it can actually make it harder for plants to get nutrients. The key is balance. That's why we made the VitalForce and Soil Energizer blends. It's an easy to use premade blend of biochar and slow-release organic nutrients. Just mix into soil or potting media, and enjoy happier, lower-maintenance plants.