What's in it? Vital Force Flowers “N” Fruits & More

What's in Vital Force Flowers “N” Fruits & More?

Flowers "N" Fruits & More is a balanced blend of organic ingredients- Ecochar, worm castings, soybean and alfalfa meal, kelp, humic acid, bone and blood meals, and bat guano. This blend helps with soil aeration and water-holding ability, provides slow-release nutrients, and makes soil an ideal home for microbes. 

The end result is healthy, vibrant plants that stay lush even if you can't fuss over them every single day.

This blend is a lower in nitrogen and higher in potassium and phosphorus than the Roots "N" Shoots & more formula. This blend supports moderate leaf growth and stronger flowering and fruiting. It works well with Soil Energizer, especially if you're re-using potting soil. You can also start young plants out with Roots "N" Shoots when they're young, then top-dress with Flowers "N" Fruits when it's time for them to start blooming and fruiting.

How do I use it?

For best results, apply Flowers "N" Fruits to plants that are old enough to start blooming and fruiting. (When they're young and focusing on growing leaves- or for leafy and root vegetables like greens and beets- the Roots "N" Shoots & More blend is more appropriate.)

As long as the plant keeps flowering and growing fruit, repeat applications can be made every two weeks via top dressing.