Ecochar, farm & food waste, and the environment

Lots of folks are making biochar- it's a very sound approach to waste management. Most of these efforts are based on charring wood. There's just one problem with that- our environmental problems don't usually come from having too many trees!

Ecochar makes biochar from farm and food waste instead of trees. This includes things like spent grain from making alcohol, manure, and spoiled food. It's a powerful tool for circular economies. Ecochar makes a way for both farms and cities to keep themselves clean, turn wastes into a revenue stream, and recycle food waste that can't be recovered any other way.

Ancient communities in the Amazon used biochar to keep their towns and villages sanitary. Food waste, nightsoil, and brush became clean, odorless charcoal and enriched the soil. Areas with charcoal-heavy soils, known today as terra preta or dark earth, are still more fertile hundreds of years later. Ecochar is the only commercially available biochar that follows this tradition of also handling food and farm waste.